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Available over the phone or video conferencing.

Consultation Services: Text


$70 CAD

For clients looking:

  • to switch to raw

  • to switch from pre-made to DIY

  • for help with allergies and/or elimination diets

  • for some guidance 

What is included:

  • 1 hour one on one session booked at your convenience 

  • Post call summary and list of resources to be delivered within two weeks of the consultation

  • 1 week email support once the summary has been recieved

What I will not cover:

  • Special diets related to pre-existing health conditions, i.e. pancreatitis, stones, liver issues. 

  • Bloodwork


$30 CAD

For clients that have attended an initial consultation and still have questions or want to follow up regarding diet changes.

What is included:

  • Half hour one on one session booked at your convenience

  • Post call summary 

Consultation Services: List

If you are interested in a consultation please email with the type of service you are requesting.

Consultation Services: About
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