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Filling in the nutrient gaps

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As I have mentioned previously, I use the Raw Fed and Nerdy spreadsheet as a guideline to formulate Navi's meals (link under resources). I have it set to NRC balanced, for her age, weight, activity level, and macronutrient goals.

I build a new recipe every few weeks based on what I was able to source, which also helps me bring variety to her diet.

When I am formulating her recipes, I add the base meat (including fish), bone, organ, and carb/fibre source, and see where my values lie. If I were to leave it at that, I would likely be missing some of the micronutrient targets. Some micronutrients commonly missed are the following:


I add canned osyters in water. I can usually find Ocean Pacific Canned Oysters in Water at my local Zehrs.


I add cooked blue mussels and/or green tripe. Cooked blue mussels can be found in the frozen seafood section.


I add sea kelp (also trace amounts in oysters and other selfish) at feeding.

Vitamin E

I add Now natural vitamin E or Nutiva Red Palm oil at feeding. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it is stored in the liver and can be over-dosed. Please ensure you are feeding the correct amount for your dogs size.

I also often add freeze-dried green lipped mussels, phytoplankton, or spirulina, which also help fill in some of the above gaps, as well as provide other benefits.

What's in the bowl?

Ground elk

Ground beef

Lamb flank


Beef heart

Veal liver

Pork kidney

Cooked blue mussels

Canned osyters in water

Cooked buckwheat & strawberries

@nutivaRed palm oil

@wildlyblended Bug Off, 12 Mushroom Matrix and Blue Spirulina (NAVI10 to save)

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