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Meal prepping with fish

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I incoporate whole fish into Navi's diet to meet the needs of her omegas as I don't supplement with any fish oil (topic for another day). One thing I came across in my research prior to my DIY dive was how to properly meal prep with fish. Little did I know SOME fish contain the enzyme thiaminase which breaks down the essential nutrient thiamine.

Therefore, if you add the fish that contain thiaminase into your meal prep containers you can actually be degrading some of the other meat in that same container. Thus, over a period of time, the dog may become deficient in thiamine.

SO, very generally speaking, if I am prepping with a fish that does not contain thiaminase I add it into the container. If it does, I add it at meal time.

Some of the fish I am able to source and frequently feed:

✔️ meaning good to go, I can add it to my prep containers.

✖️ don't add to prep containers. Add it at meal time.

Atlantic Mackerel ✔️

Salmon ✔️

Herring ✖️

Sardines ✖️

For the full list of species check out this link:

What's in the bowl?

Pork tenderloin

Whole ground salmon

Duck head

Buffalo tongue

Lamb tripe

Beef heart

Buffalo liver

Beef kidney

Cooked blue mussels

Canned oysters in water

Homemade pumpkin puree

Superboost blend (@topitpets)

Rabbit hide (@straittosummit NAVI)

Bug Off & Gut Feeling (@wildlyblended NAVI10)

Tri-Acta (@integricare_animalhealth)

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