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It's totally based on your budget, space, willingness to travel, and time spent researching.


This was one of my biggest worries when I switched to DIY. I was scared I wouldn't be able to find what I needed, that was good quality, yet decently priced, in the time frame I needed it, and with the space I had. I'm now a few months in and I've gotta say it has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.


I've been able to find some local farms that I can get the random odds & ends from, and I've spent way more time than I can admit creeping the meat isles at various grocery stores and butcher shops. I have also found some more dog food focused stores that sell DIY components instead of 80/10/10 mixes so it's been nice to have those options when I can't get certain items for my recipes. I also talk to a lot of raw feeders around here and exchange resources.


Not every meal Navi eats is from local, organic, grass fed producers, but neither are ours and THAT'S OKAY! We do our best to include some in every bowl and give her a ton of variety while keeping her food costs reasonable.

For the Southern Ontario folks:

Here is a list of places I have not only sourced from, but would buy again from. I have also included examples of items I have purchased from those shops.

Elite Treats

What I have personally purchased:

  • Raw duck heads, lamb liver, veal kidney - see their raw highlight on Instagram

  • NAVI10 to save

Hounds on Raw

  • They have some chunky grinds that don't have bone or organ added, so I have used some of their novel proteins as base meat.

  • We have personally fed there: buffalo, venison, pork organ blend and will soon be getting their chicken carcasses (rib cage only - no back)

  • DM them on Instagram or email them for their prey model raw list


They carry various ground meat (without bone/organ if you chose)

  • We have fed their beaver, buffalo and elk

  • They also have many meat based organs (i.e. heart, cheek, tripe)

  • Great place for affordable bones - chicken/ duck feet, necks, lamb flank

King Cole Ducks

Anything duck

  • Check out their 'raw pet food and compost' section

  • We have gotten duck heads, necks, feet, and heart from them (they are bulk orders though so freezer space and/or someone to split with is key)

Alpha Dog Raw

  • They have some 90/10 mixes if you want meat and bone premixed

  • They also have very affordable green lamb and beef tripe and various RMB including lamb flank and occasionally beaver legs

Spring Creek Quail Farms

Bulk whole prey quail and quail eggs

Canine Country Chews

Random DIY components depending on availability

  • A lot of rabbit options (with or without fur)

Local Grocery Stores in General

  • Mackerel, sardines, smelt, blue mussels, oysters, random muscle meat (check flyers for sales).

  • Guelph/ KW locals

  • I find oysters at Zehrs Heartsland (literally the only place in Guelph I have found them)

  • Lots of organ meat (and good meat deals) at Central Fresh Market in Kitchener

  • Blue mussels at most Zehrs, No Frills and Metro


Note: these are only places I have been to, purchased from and fed. I have many other spots to check out and I will share them as I visit them. This page will constantly be updated!


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