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The raw feeder goes camping

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

"What do you feed Navi when you camp?"


A question I've been asked countless times so I figured I'd do an honest post/review on some food I've tried for her!


1. I will always bring raw if it works. If we are car camping I will save a corner of the cooler for her. However, this past trip, we were gone for too long to have our prepped stuff sit thawed so I did 4 days raw and substitutions for the remainder.


2. Air-dried raw. Hands down my favourite (but the most expensive of the options). We tried ZiwiPeak and Navi was like jumping up and down for it. The ingredient list is as close to a raw diet as you can get, and the drying method prevents nutrient loss. They also have GLM in their formula so I knew all of our bases were covered. You don't have to add water, and the portions are super small (makes for easy packing) since it's so nutrient dense. Would 💯 feed again.


3. Freeze-dried raw. We have tried Primal and Orijen. Both come as nuggets/patties that you mix with water. Not super cost effective for a large dog, but Navi did fine on both - no gas or soft stool. Ingredients are good, but freeze dried is often heavy in starches so if your dog has issues with them take a good look at the ingredient panels. Would feed again.


4. Dehydrated food. We have tried the Honest Kitchen limited ingredient grain free beef and fish. It's basically cooked meals dehydrated, so the furthest away from raw but still isn't kibble. More cost effective than freeze dried and I like that it's all human grade certified. Ingredients are alright but again heavy on the fruits/veg. No gas, but back to basically kibble poops (multiple piles a day which isn't ideal for packing out). I liked the powder (not nuggets) it mixed easier with water. Would maybe feed again.

Pictured: ZiwiPeak Free Range Chicken Recipe with Wildly Blended Bug Off.

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